Understanding Consumer Trust with the Trust Framework from Gordian Knot

White Paper: Understanding Consumer Trust

Understanding consumer trust is complicated and difficult to assess. For example, a common approach is to ask whether consumers trust your brand or not, or how satisfied they are.

survey says

Subjective questions like this are difficult for consumers to answer consistently. Often, judgements are formed from a single, recent experience, and produce misleading or – at best – inconsistent results.

How Psychiatry Looks at Trust is a Better Approach

For the most commonly practiced psychotherapy, developmental psychology. establishing patient trust has been at its foundation for over 50 years. Developmental psychologists consider establishing patient trust crucial for treating many forms of psychological disorders.

Developmental Psychology

The scientific study of how and why human beings change mentally over the course of their life.

Therapists have discovered establishing trust with their patients requires an assessment and understanding of three basic behaviors to form trusting relationships:

trust components

The Trust Framework – How Gordian Knot Helps you Understand Consumer Trust

Gordian Knot has partnered with a leading academic psychiatrist to translate key principles from psychiatry and develop a series of simple survey questions to assess trust. In combination with our proprietary technology, these create a reliable measure for trust without using the words “trust” or “satisfaction.”

A consumer with a high level of trust feels the brand is delivering on its brand promise.

trust components relationship

Now that you understand the framework, the following examples illustrate how the components of trust can be measured:

trust framework examples

Gordian Knot’s Unique Approach to Understanding Consumer Trust

First we combine comprehensive brand trust research with innovative predictive analytics to assess trust levels. Next, centered on the trust framework components, trust drivers are developed with qualitative and quantitative surveys.

RETAIN develops algorithms from sample data to predict trust and retention risk factors. Finally, the algorithms are applied based on complex behavioral patterns discovered in the data to establish consumer trust indices.

Together, these make up an ideal foundation to develop a solid understanding how your customers place trust in your brand. Accurately assessing and understanding the trust consumer’s place in your brand has never been more important.

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