Scalable Customer Scoring for Online Travel Agency

The Challenge

The company wanted to score its current customer base using previous Needs/Attitudes/Behaviors (NAB) segmentation analysis.

NAB segmentation provides rich insights but is difficult to reapply without conducting additional surveysthe company could not use the solution with their current customers.

What They Did

The company wanted to automatically score their client database using their new NAB segmentation discoveries and contracted with Gordian Knot to help them develop a solution to automatically score their entire customer base of over 8 million active customers.

The company wanted to avoid re-surveying their customer base to avoid survey fatigue.

The segmentation consultant hired by the company prior to Gordian Knot applied PhD statisticians to solve the problem with an algorithm, but their model was only 19% accurate.


travel 1.png

travel 2.png

travel 3.png


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The Results

  • GKAG Correctly identified individuals 80% of the time
  • Used internal client data ONLY no additional surveys required
  • The Online Travel Company now has the ability to micro-target their clients with highly relevant and personalized marketing communications
  • They can track segment shares within the customer base to track effectiveness of pulling in and retaining desired segments
  • They can measure the effectiveness of segment-targeted products with key segments
  • Aligning their messages, target segments, and products resulted in 68% lift versus control in cross-selling additional travel to current customers