Increasing Retained Utilization Global for Financial News Company

The Challenge

A major multi-channel news & information organization wanted to increase utilization of its core subscription news services, but utilization was declining overall by 7% year over year.

They had good visibility into user behaviors (observed usage patterns) but did not understand the needs and attitudes that actually drove usage.  As a result, marketing efforts aimed at usage of the core paid sites have been generic and not relevant to users.


What They Did

They chose to work with Gordian Knot Analytics Group to build a Needs, Attitudes, and Behaviors segmentation model for them

The chief objective was to be able to score their current customer database without using survey instruments

They also wanted to understand the impact of key marketing attributes driving news consumption across channels for their newly defined segments


fintech 1.png

In this example, local content, offering of commentaries and opinions, and depth of analysis and  insights are attributes that will drive print readership across dayparts and content types for S2.

fintech 2.png


The Results

  • Service Utilization is now up 20 points from a year over year decline of -7%
  • The Global Financial News Company now has the ability to micro-target their clients with highly relevant and personalized marketing communications
  • They are also able to reposition themselves as a crucial information workflow tool (an incremental service offering for them)