Finding Adjacent Markets for Retail Drug Chain

The Challenge

The company wanted to understand the potential opportunities to grow the Specialty Pharmacy Retail and Central Fill business.They also wanted to understand why customers initially choose a specific channel and/or pharmacy and what were the factors that led these customers to switch to another channel and/or pharmacy.

What They Did


They chose to work with Gordian Knot Analytics Group to Analyze primary and secondary qualitative and quantitative data to determine channel and pharmacy selection attributes important to the customer population.

Obtain specialty customer feedback on their prescription filling behavior.

Create a positioning matrix to help them discover new growth opportunities and strategies to create a sustainable competitive position.

Key retail customer need gaps include RPhknowledge and availability, coordinating care with physicians, safe & friendly store environment, and providing financial assistance.

drug 1.png

Key need gaps among central fill customers involve value-added services and personalized / customized customer care

drug 2.png

The Results

  • Data about their customer behavior and needs was very well articulated
  • The thorough analysis gave them opportunities to create sustainable differentiation based on filling gaps for their customers
  • The analysis gave them numerous new business development opportunities to expand their service and product offerings
  • The analysis also provided them insights about their competition, and how important other players in the ecosystem (ie insurance and primary care providers) were in developing new differentiating opportunities
  • Same store Rx salesgrowth in test markets by 23% versus control markets