Addressing the Skills Gap in Data Analytics


Gordian Knot Analytics Group Addresses the Data Analytics skills Gap Fueled by Marketing Demand.

TAOS, N.M., February 1, 2021 –  Much has been written about the growing data analytics skills gap – how the demand for individuals with strong data analytics and advanced statistics skills is suitable and growing. The job posting site, indeed™ currently lists over 28,000 openings for “Data Scientist.” Adding “big Data” to the search increase the count to over 54,000!  New listings for Data Scientists exceed 1,000 every day – that’s a lot of demand! Compounding this challenge, we face a supply situation where the world of education can’t produce qualified individuals fast enough, creating qualified staff in-house is producing mixed results, and taking experienced talent from other companies is impractical.

“Without a solid understanding in analytics or complex statistics, your marketing professionals will not be able to utilize the vast information resources your company has been amassing,” warns Lawrence Choi, Gordian Knot Analytics CEO. “But getting marketers to think like statisticians is not a good use of their talent either. Think of it this way, before the time of the modern portable computer and powerful software, one had to be a proficient software programmer to get the system to perform even the most mundane tasks. One spent all their time programming the computer and not understanding the information it produced. Your marketing professionals need tools that will allow them to be more productive and concentrate on being – well – better marketing professionals.”

Gordian Knot Analytics Group, Inc. has produced a comprehensive white paper to help you address the skills gap challenge head-on. To learn more about the analytics skills gap challenges and download the full White Paper, visit our website at and click on the User Content Tab.

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If all you have is a hammer…

If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Many of you have heard the expression – “If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” But we all know that a hammer is not always the best tool to use to solve a problem.

The same truth holds for your Marketing toolchest.  If you are still utilizing the analytics tools you started with years ago, you are probably not getting everything out of your  data investment you need. In the worst case, you may actually produce misleading results which can be disasterous.

At Gordian Knot Analytics Group we apply our unique professional services and proprietary machine learning algorithm development tools to solve your most challenging Big M Marketing questions. Our clients tell us all the time how much they love what we are doing for them, and they keep coming back for more!

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