TARGET helps you identify and find your ideal customers and map the right message, offer, product to them at the right time.


Customer targeting is the ability to identify distinct groups of customers that share specific needs, attitudes, and behaviors. This understanding of customers helps companies align their products, services, and marketing activities with the right customers – resulting in more effective use of limited resources leading to stronger customer engagement.

However, market segmentation has had limited tactical usefulness. Companies have not been able to deploy segmentation strategies successfully at scale, because it is difficult to know in advance which segments should be assigned to specific customers and prospects. Companies have attempted to use standard methods (e.g. regression modeling, CHAID, etc.) to “score” customers and prospects into segments using internal and 3rd party data, but the low accuracy rates have not justified the investments up until now.

Gordian Knot Analytics Group, Inc. TARGET is designed to help marketers determine and find your ideal customers and prospects, identify them in your customer and prospect databases with unsurpassed accuracy, and then map the right message, offer, and/or product to them at the right time.

Key Features

Understand your customers journey stages, provide more relevant messaging, better align product, message, and offers, improve message delivery timing, increase conversions, and reduce sales cycle times.

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