KPMAX is designed to help you identify your most important drivers of performance, and optimize recommendations for future improvements.


Key Performance Measures (KPMs) are ways to assess the performance of organizations, business units, and their divisions, departments, or employees. Accordingly, choosing the right KPMs relies upon a good understanding of what is important to the organization.

The inherent challenges with this approach to performance measurement are: 1) identifying the most important KPMs that determine if the business, project, or program was successful, 2) KPMs represent past performance and do not necessarily predict future success, 3) they rarely incorporate the influence of uncontrollable, external factors such as competition, economy, or weather (such KPMs are usually ignored, which frequently presents an incomplete view of performance), and 4) sometimes focus on statistics collection can become a substitute for a better understanding of the actual problems.

Gordian Knot Analytics Group, Inc. KPMAX is designed to overcome these constraints and help executives understand the most important drivers of performance, recognize better options for predicting future performance, and understand the influence external factors exert on a company’s KPMs.

Key Features

ID the most important KPMs, understand the most effective KPM drivers to increase their value for your brand, and simulate optimized recommendations for best future results.

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