Gordian Knot marketing applications offer a full suite of solutions to solve your most critical marketing challenges.

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The marketer’s mission is rather straightforward – use insights gleaned from marketing data to find, attract, retain, and grow my customer base. Thus, collecting and extracting more insights from marketing data has become the top priority for most Marketer’s.

Extracting More Insights from Marketing Data – the Marketing Holy Grail

Our proprietary technology allow marketer’s, with the highest degree of confidence, to connect with their customer base, understand why they chose you, and continue to engage with them – better than anything currently on the market – AND without having to survey them. (Having done this the “hard way” for more than 35 years, I can tell you that this is a sea change in marketing methodology.) The end result is happier customers, which ultimately leads to increased sales conversions, longer customer lifetime value, and reduced cycle times.

Get this right and your business will thrive, however there is a lot at stake if you don’t …

Marketing Analytics – What’s at Stake?

A lot can go wrong if you don't get the marketing analytics right.

Traditional Analytics Tools are Inadequate

Traditional analytic tools promise to help interpret the growing volumes of data, but are minimally effective. This is because the technology is outdated, or was not designed for the unique challenges marketer’s face today.

More data available than ever, but … Discovering important information is overwhelming Qualified staff are difficult to find and keep Easier to measure performance, but … Everything is tactical and reactive Traditional tools can lead to erroneous conclusions More ways to engage customers, but … It is difficult to choose the right message, the right channel, and the appropriate time to deliver it

When the analytics results are wrong (or not used at all), it’s likely the message or timing will be wrong as well.  We all know that sending inappropriate messages at the wrong time is a huge disincentive for our customers. However, everything from inappropriate “pop-up” ads to random “suggested recommendations” would suggest that we still have a long way to go.

Most companies don't know how to sell to their customers, so they guess

Gordian Knot Solutions – Extracting More Insights from Marketing Data

Easily extracting more insights, with more accuracy, and that deliver more actionable insights was the guiding design principle engineered into our algorithms.

As a result, Gordian Knot’s Marketing Applications overcome the limitations associated with traditional analytics tools. Most of all, we empower you to confidently address the challenges you encounter every day.

We have combined best practices from business and academic disciplines to create practical tools and services addressing these challenges. With Gordian Knot you’ll realize immediate improvements to your top and bottom lines.  And you won’t have to deal with the gnarly math.

GKAG Marketing Products v4.1

Our marketing analytics applications will help you with Segmentation and Targeting, Attribution Mix Modeling, Retention, and Key Performance Metrics Optimization. Click on the product button to learn more.

Identify and find your ideal customers and map the right message / offer / product to them at the right time


Deliver your messages through the most effective channels to drive sales conversions


Know what keeps customers loyal and, more importantly, predict if they are at risk of leaving before they leave


Understand drivers of performance, options for predicting future performance, and the influence of external factors



Combining Gordian Knot analytics applications with our Professional Services provides you the most powerful analytics solution, ensuring your marketing efforts are delivering the most return for the investment – and more importantly, ensures your customers’ interaction experience with you is the best it can be.

Marketing Applications from Gordian Knot

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