Press Release: Build Predictive Models in Minutes

Are you spending too much of your precious day building predictive models?

TAOS, N.M., Feb. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Gordian Knot Technology Inc. (GKT) today
announced the launch of VERGIL®, the data analyst factotum. Created to make it simple for
novices through experts to build PhD level predictive models using conventional and proprietary
modeling techniques, in just 3 steps.
The 3-Step process can be completed in just a few minutes using the GKT free trial desktop
application with monthly subscriptions starting at $25/month (
VERGIL® enables model building and validation, predictions and running counterfactuals in one
easy to use desktop application. The application requires no coding with default settings for
“For several years, we have been using VERGIL® with remarkable success to generate
actionable insights for customers across industries. Now we are offering this technology to
everyone.” Jim Bonner, President, GKT.
The biggest difference between VERGIL® and standard approaches is that VERGIL® combines
the best features of standard regression methods with newly developed statistical methods such
as Gordian Knot Systematic Cross Validation.
The strength of VERGIL® is that it empowers the user to combine fully automated innovative
statistical methods with methods that allow the user to impose prior beliefs about the data
relationships. This flexibility allows VERGIL® to incorporate the experience and knowledge of
the user into the analyses.
VERGIL® employs methods that are true-and-tested in industry and academia and have rigorous
theoretical foundations. The key innovation of VERGIL® is how it combines different techniques
in a way that yields granular, non-obvious, actionable insights.
“VERGIL® gives users the ability to generate the same models that a team of PhD scientists
would produce but in far less time.” Robert Briskman, President, TEC LLC and GuardianSat
No matter what industry you are in, Insurance, Healthcare, Marketing, Finance, Sports
Handicapping, and others, if you use predictive analytics to generate actionable insights,
VERGIL® will empower you to build PhD level models in minutes. Providing you more time to
generate the actionable insights that drive your business forward.
Start building Predictive models today with our free trial at
Gordian Knot Technology Inc. Is a privately owned company that builds subscription-based
desktop software applications to empower analysts across industries, from novice through expert,
to build PhD level predictive models quickly and easily.

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