Understanding Consumer Trust with the Trust Framework from Gordian Knot

Establishing a New Framework for Understanding Brand Trust


Bill Taylor, info@gknotag.com


Gordian Knot Analytics Group Has Developed a New Approach for Measuring Brand Trust.

PHILADELPHIA, PA, May 22, 2018 –  Ongoing events in the news highlight the frailty of brand trust, and the difficulty of recovering from the consequences one negative event can create for a brand. For a brand to succeed, it must develop a rigorous understanding of consumer trust components, consistently measure its performance against these components, account for the intrinsic biases in human behavior, and then unceasingly take corrective actions if consumer perceptions of the brand are at odds with what the company desires.

“People want to do business with brands that reflect and support their values and interests – with brands they trust –  and because of the vast choices available to most consumers today, they will avoid those that don’t,” says Bill Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer for Gordian Knot Analytics Group. “It is critical that a brand establish a new framework for measuring consumer trust.”

Many companies are missing the most important components of brand trust making it difficult to fully realize the long-lasting effects of positive brand trust (repeat purchase and retention). Using a new analytical framework founded in developmental Psychology, and developed by Gordian Knot Analytics Group, brands can now create a highly repeatable trust metric that accurately portrays the depth and nature of consumer trust.

Gordian Knot Analytics Group, Inc. has produced a comprehensive white paper to help you understand how to measure trust more effectively – while accounting for fundamental human behavior biases. To learn more about the Gordian Knot Brand Trust Framework and download the full White Paper, visit our website at www.GKAGmarketing.com and click on the User Content tab.


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